Blanket Protection For Your Basement

As a highly effective air-gap and drainage membrane, DELTA-MS has been designed to eliminate the hassle and expense of damp basement walls.

No mold. No mildew. No musty odors.

And because DELTA-MS is made from extruded, vacuum-formed, high density polyethylene, it offers a highly effective insulating air barrier for a warm, comfortable living environment.

Attached directly to the exterior of poured concrete or concrete block residential foundations, DELTA-MS allows moisture and water vapor to condense, flow down to the perimeter and away from the building. All without the expense and hassle of messy tar.

It even continues to function despite any future foundation shifting and cracking.

Even better, DELTA-MS is backed by a 20 year product warranty and a 5 year limited leakage warranty. Plus, DELTA-MS requires no special installation tools and no expensive training.

It's effective. It's affordable. It's the logical solution for achieving a warm, dry, ready to finish basement.

WETTEK is a licensed installer of the Cosella Dorken system.

Visit their website for more information.