Addressing Common Concerns

How does moisture affect your home's indoor air quality and your health?
High moisture levels can lead to increased respiratory infections in children and adults, according to a recent Health and Welfare Canada survey on the influence of home dampness and mold on respiratory health.

Is Wet Tek a waterproofing specialist?
Waterproofing is a complex and difficult business and should only be entrusted to professionals. Our technicians are specialists who work exclusively in waterproofing year-round. The simple fact is we know MORE about water-proofing than anyone else.

What is Wet Tek's level of professional competence?
Our projects are supervised by a Certified Engineering Technician experienced in all types of construction. This qualified technician is fully equipped to handle any of the complicated and difficult problems which may occur in a waterproofing project.

Who is doing the actual work?
Wet Tek uses no sub-contractors, no part-time or temporary help. Waterproofing experts are not born, they are trained. Every member of the Wet Tek crew is a trained professional and can be trusted on the job and in your home. Every Wet Tek project is supervised and includes a complete and thorough clean-up by us.

Lifetime Warranty

Wet Tek fully warrants the areas waterproofed by the Wet Tek system to be free from water leakage for the life of the structure* (regardless of ownership). Should service be required, on notification, Wet Tek will provide all labour and materials as required at no additional cost to the customer. Our personal guarantee to you.

(this warranty does not cover backing up or plugging of sewers, floods, condensation due to high humidity, damp spots, discoloration of walls; or sump pumps which are covered by a second manufacturers warranty.)